5x 2" Rigid Caster Yoke/RIG/Fork/Frame -Caster Central Part # 41G52I-01

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  • Overall Height: with Wheel: 6-1/2"
  • Fork Leg Spacing:  2-1/2"
  • Weight Capacity:  up to 1100 lbs. (depends on wheel)
  • Axle: 1/2" diameter with lock nut (sold separately, Caster Central Part# P10002)
  • Mounting Bolt Size:  3/8" (not included)
  • Usually ships 1-3 business days.

Rigid Caster Forks:  Stability and Strength:

  • Straight-Line Motion:  Rigid caster forks excel in situations where consistent straight-line movement is crucial.  Think warehouse aisles, where large carts transport inventory without the need for frequent turns.
  • Simplicity and Durability:  Rigid casters have a straightforward design, eliminating complex moving parts.  They're sturdier, less prone to damage, and perfect for heavy loads.

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Availablity: Usually ships 1-3 days

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CC Part: 41G52I-01

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