8" x 2" Cast Iron Wheel w/ Roller Bearing - 41EE82-01

SKU: 41EE82-01
Caster Central SKU: 41EE82-01
• Cast Iron Wheel
• 8" x 2" Wide Wheel
• 1500.0 Load Capacity
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Upgrade your equipment with this Colson Cast Iron Wheel, where rugged durability meets industrial elegance. Here’s why this wheel stands out:

  • Robust Core, Vibrant Tread: Core Detail: Crafted from enameled cast iron, this wheel’s core is built to withstand heavy loads and demanding environments. Tread Color: The striking green polyurethane tread not only adds a pop of color but also ensures excellent traction.
  • Smooth Rolling Performance with Roller Bearing: Roller Bearing: Experience effortless motion as the wheel glides smoothly, even under substantial weight.
  • Say goodbye to friction and noise. Temperature Resilience: From frosty cold to scorching heat, this wheel remains reliable (temperature range: -45°F to +180°F).
  • Industrial Chic Aesthetics: The combination of green tread and cast-iron core creates an eye-catching look. Whether you’re outfitting carts, dollies, or machinery, this wheel adds both functionality and style.

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Bearing Type: Roller

Bearing Bore: 3/4"

Wheel Diameter: 8"

Tread Width: 2"

Product Brand: Colson

Hub Length: 2-3/16"

Load Capacity: 1500.0

Manufacturer Part: 41EE82-01

CC Part Number: 41EE82-01

Temperature Range: -45°F to +500°F up to

Wheel Durometer:

Wheel Color: Green Alkyd Enamel

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