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Top 10 Heavy Equipment Casters of 2023

Moving heavy furniture and equipment will easily become a dangerous chore if you don't fit it with the right casters. Commercial and industrial heavy equipment casters make it easier and safer to move large items because they have outstanding stability, strength, and load-bearing capacities. 

Unfortunately, you can't fit just any caster onto heavy equipment. You must consider several factors, like wheel size and load capacity, to determine if certain casters can move heavy items without damaging your flooring. 

When it comes to caster wheels, Caster Central is the best of the best for many applications across numerous industries. Today, our team shares some of the top 2023 casters for moving heavy equipment to give you an idea of the casters that work best for heavy loads.

10 Best Casters for Moving Heavy Equipment 

Caster wheels are essential for the mobility of many furniture and equipment types. Though you should research different casters to ensure they meet your needs, you must pay close attention to several caster wheel factors when you need these components for heavy-duty applications.

Consider the following before buying heavy equipment casters:

  • Load Capacity: Load capacity ranges for heavy-duty casters should exceed the equipment's total weight. 
  • Temperature Resistance: Many industries need to transport materials in environments with extreme temperatures. Selecting caster wheels that can accommodate extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations is necessary. 
  • Bearing Type: Though ball bearings are best for caster wheels transporting light loads, roller bearings create a smoother movement for heavy materials. 
  • Flooring Material Compatibility: Many commercial and industrial environments have different flooring types in one building. The casters you select should move easily across different surfaces without damaging the floors. 

Considering these factors and many others, here's a list of some of the top heavy equipment casters of 2023. 

1. ABSLIMUS Heavy Duty Casters

Despite being bulky for some applications, the ABSLIMUS Heavy Duty Casters are one of 2023's top caster wheels for moving heavy equipment. They have a load capacity of up to 2,400 pounds and feature a lockable bearing plate for additional stability and support. 

Move your heavy equipment easily in any direction by using the wheels' 360-degree swivel. You can also enjoy the casters' easy installation, thanks to its free screws and spanner. 

2. H&S Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Commercial trollies and carts would benefit from the versatility of H&S Heavy Duty Caster Wheels. The casters' design allows them to move effortlessly across different terrains, so you can move items across any flooring material with little to no resistance. 

Thanks to reliable locking mechanisms and sturdy construction, you can maintain excellent stability when transporting and securing furniture and equipment featuring these H&S caster wheels. They also provide quiet, smooth rollability, letting you easily maneuver trollies and more. 

3. CC Apex

The origin of the CC Apex caster wheel is within the automotive industry. Its design allows workers to effortlessly push or pull equipment while handling a heavy load. Its polyurethane wheels offer high performance with low maintenance, which leaves flooring unmarked and undamaged. 

The two-inch CC Apex wheels can hold up to 1,500 pounds. This caster's durability and quality materials make it versatile enough to move beyond the automotive industry and into other fields like medical, aerospace, and metal fabrication businesses. 

4. WBD WEIBIDA Plate Swivel Caster Wheels

The WBD WEIBIDA Plate Swivel Casters have one of the highest weight load capacities at 4,400 pounds. Still, you can easily transport heavy-duty equipment with these three-inch caster wheels' low gravity center, which provides additional stability. The casters include nylon wheels for outstanding durability and quiet operation, so you can use these casters in many environments. 

The three-inch size of the WBD WEIBIDA Plate Swivel Casters might not accommodate all furniture, but they will work well for many applications. You can also ensure the security of your equipment and the safety of your workplace with the caster wheels' reliable braking system. 

5. MegaDeal 12 Pack 2" Swivel Caster Wheels

These MegaDeal swivel casters have 12 durable two-inch caster wheels per pack. As one of the year's most versatile yet affordable casters, they are a good choice for many applications, including heavy-duty transport. 

The casters have a heavy-duty construction, rubber base, and 360-degree rotation. You can enjoy exceptional reliability in whatever equipment you install these casters on since their design lets them glide over almost any surface. 

6. Homhoo Stem Caster Wheels With Dual Locking

The Homhoo Stem Caster Wheels with dual locking are another three-inch caster. Each heavy-duty caster within this model features a treaded stem that can accommodate up to 250 pounds, which creates a substantial load capacity range depending on the number of casters you put on your commercial or industrial equipment.

These casters also have a dual locking system for safety and a silent swivel configuration. The Homhoo Stem Caster Wheels can give carts, chairs, tables, and other equipment a sleek look thanks to their attractive black finish and quality construction. 

7. CC Nylex

When pushing heavy equipment or furniture, you need a caster option with great impact absorption. For this situation, the CC Nylex casters are an excellent choice.

The caster wheels consist of nylon the manufacturers inject into molds with a flat-tread design that's crowned on top. Its design lets you smoothly pivot your movements while pushing a cart or equipment. The CC Nylex is most suitable for clean environments because it won't work well in places with a lot of debris on the ground, like metal shavings. 

8. GBL 2" Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

As one of the best options for smooth rollability, the GBL 2" Heavy Duty Caster Wheels are an excellent choice for moving heavy furniture. They have a load capacity of nearly 450 pounds and great stability and balance. These casters have an easy installation for multiple applications in many environments, even though they aren't industrial grade. 

One of the benefits of using these GBL casters is the inclusion of two brakes. As long as you engage the locks, you can secure equipment in place without worrying about the wheels shifting your business's equipment across the floor. 

9. SPACEKEEPER Workbench Casters Kit

If you have a workbench or machinery that needs caster wheels to move it occasionally, the SPACEKEEPER Workbench Casters kit is a good option, supporting equipment of up to 660 pounds. The four casters in each kit also have a retractable design, and they lock into place to give you a sturdy work surface.

10. ASHGOOB 2" Caster Wheels

If you have heavy machinery or equipment you must move often, consider installing ASHGOOB's two-inch caster wheels. They offer smooth rolling and hassle-free maneuvering with a weight load capacity of up to 150 pounds. Since these heavy equipment casters provide optimal mobility for heavy-duty items, you can boost your business's efficiency and productivity. 

ASHGOOB two-inch casters have no-noise polyurethane wheels to ensure silent movements, which creates a work environment with fewer distractions and less noise pollution. The caster wheels also have 360-degree rotation, making it easier to steer equipment in narrow spaces and tight corners.  

Rely on Caster Central for the Best Heavy Equipment Casters

Caster Central is your source for high-quality heavy equipment casters. With over 150 years of experience producing custom mobility solutions with excellent durability and caster rollability, we know what it takes to create the best heavy equipment industry casters and accessories. 

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