Elevating Aerospace Efficiency and Safety With Quality Casters
Victoria Forney

Elevating Aerospace Efficiency and Safety With Quality Casters

Casters are easy to overlook when running an aerospace business. Some may look at caster wheels on a cart and give them little thought, but these products provide a wide range of benefits, such as adding convenience, bolstering utility, and improving safety where you conduct business.

However, there are also several considerations before deciding on the right casters for your aerospace organization and its requirements. The number of quality casters and configuration options available can be overwhelming, which is why it’s worth familiarizing yourself with what selections will work best for your use case.

Advantages of Using Casters and Wheels in the Aerospace Industry

Choosing quality casters for your carts and other material-handling equipment is an excellent way to improve the quality and efficiency of your aerospace business.

Safer Transportation of Goods

Safety is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Casters allow you and your employees to maintain a safe working environment by securing goods and materials. This is especially relevant while transporting items, whether down a hallway or between department buildings at your site.

Improved Maneuverability

When installing quality casters with swivel mounting, you’re facilitating the movement of items, particularly in instances where sharp turns are common. Rigid casters, on the other hand, can restrict movement and pose a great hassle to workers. This enhanced mobility could prove incredibly beneficial while moving heavier items.

Lower Noise Pollution

Aerospace environments can be noisy, which poses hearing loss risks to your employees. By incorporating quality caster solutions throughout the site, you can reduce noise levels by 10%, increasing workplace safety and enabling superior employee communication.

Reduced Employee Strain

Working at an aerospace location usually means hauling any number of parts between locations, with many being quite heavy. Without proper equipment, the chance of employee injury goes up, especially as workers continue doing similar tasks throughout the year. Casters can reduce this risk while preventing on-site accidents due to overexertion on the worker’s part.

More Productive Business Operations

The best businesses have measures to ensure their operations go as smoothly as possible. For those in the aerospace industry, this often means giving employees the tools necessary to do their jobs efficiently. Casters allow staff members to carry out their daily tasks with relative ease and can speed up productivity thanks to the added functionality and convenience they bring. The result is that workers can complete their jobs more quickly with fewer hitches along the way, helping you get ahead of schedule.

Aspects To Consider When Choosing Casters for Your Business

Simply choosing any set of casters isn’t ideal when you want to get the most efficient use out of them. You’ll want to remember some key aspects to ensure the casters you purchase suit your needs.

What Material To Use

Casters are available in multiple configurations, right down to the construction material for the wheels. This can significantly impact how well the casters perform in certain environments and for how long. For example, harder tread materials like metal and polyurethane typically roll more easily, but plastic casters made from nylon and polyolefin are also viable options.

Mounting Options

Casters are mountable in many ways, with plate and stem mounting being the two most common types. Plate mounts are suitable for moving heavier loads, while stem mounts exchange heavy-duty utility in favor of flexibility. Since stem castors can rotate 360 degrees, they’re generally the preferred option for tight spaces.

Wheel Measurements

Caster wheel size has a noticeable impact on performance, so you should be mindful of measurements such as wheel diameter and width before deciding on your caster wheel solution. For example, if ease of use is a top priority, you’ll want to consider longer wheels, which aid when pushing and pulling carts around your facilities.

Types of Aerospace Casters Worth Considering

Seeing a company’s total list of caster options may seem overwhelming, but with some guidance, you can narrow the selection to a few contenders and make an informed decision that fits your needs.

Kingpinless Casters

Seen as an industry standard, kingpinless casters weld and seal the wheel to the caster plate without using a nut or bolt for support. This allows carts with kingpinless casters to better distribute a load across a larger surface area, making them remarkably strong and versatile.

Pneumatic Casters

Deriving their name from the fact that air fills the wheels, pneumatic casters are a great option for those who want a caster solution that handles bumpy terrain with relative ease. This makes them a good fit for luggage carts and platform trucks, even in more severe conditions. No-flat options are also available for those concerned about sharp objects puncturing the wheels.

Shock-Absorbing Casters

These spring-loaded casters come with inside, outside, and vertical mounting options and are perfect for settings with uneven surfaces or rough terrain. The mounts on shock-absorbing casters let them isolate vibrations so the cart and any items on it remain secure while moving over bumps and cracks in the floor or pavement.

Extra Features That Can Improve Your Casters’ Utility

Although casters already provide several benefits to keep your business in tip-top shape, you can also take advantage of extra features to get more practical use out of them while promoting safety.

Coating Finishes

Want to make your casters more durable while increasing their overall performance? Finishing them with a powder coat or zinc plate might do the trick. Some casters come standard with this feature, so check with your supplier to learn more.


Debris is fairly common in aerospace workspaces, with cart casters being susceptible to accumulating it while moving around the site. Left unchecked, debris stuck in casters may lead to poor maneuverability, higher rolling resistance, and flooring blemishes. Installing sweepers helps keep excess waste from building up in casters, preventing unnecessary damage and extending longevity.

Foot Guards

This safety accessory reduces the likelihood of accidental injury to your workers by creating a barrier between the caster wheel and other objects, such as a person’s foot. Instead of a heavy load crushing an employee’s toe and tipping over as a result, a cart with casters will remain relatively secure even over bumps, thanks to the foot guards.

Swivel Locks

Swivel locks let you hold casters in place by locking one or more wheels, which can prove invaluable when transporting a material cart across long distances on another mobile device.

Custom Configurations

Perhaps you have a specific use case for casters and don’t see an appropriate mounting or configuration option on a supplier’s website. If so, consider reaching out and asking about custom options. Established companies can accommodate these situations after learning your specifications and the application you need them for.

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