How to Choose High Temp Casters for Your Heated Applications
Victoria Forney

How to Choose High Temp Casters for Your Heated Applications

Hundreds of casters and wheels on the market aim to provide solutions for moving materials. However, not all casters can handle high heat industries. Find the high temp casters you need today at Caster Central.


Essential High Heat Caster Design Elements

Five caster design elements make certain casters capable of enduring high temperatures. High temp casters require highly technical design details to accommodate high-temp applications.

The caster design details you need to consider include:

1. Durable Wheel Material Selection

Casters and wheels must withstand certain temperatures in high temperature applications like industrial furnaces and medical sanitation. Some of the standard wheel materials include:

Polyurethane - functional casters for low-heat purposes that can withstand a maximum temp of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Glass-filled nylon - this material can handle up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Phenolic resin - unlike simple epoxy resin, this wheel material is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees.

Cast iron - iron casters can work in 600-degree temperatures.

Forged steel - high-strength steel casters can function in up to 600-degree heat

Not all materials can withstand higher heat. So, you should choose non-plastic casters for heated applications. Metal wheels, especially forged steel, are the most durable materials for high temp purposes.

Furthermore, metal casters will continue to function after repeated exposure to heat.


2. Wheel Bearing Material and Type

Another essential detail to consider is wheel bearings. Standard wheel bearings canโ€™t withstand continuous high heat. Bearings that can handle the heat feature a special clearance that allows for expansion and contraction.

Explore the following bearing materials to learn more:

  • Standard steel - great for low-temp areas, though it cannot withstand continuous high heat.
  • Stainless steel - performs well in high temp spaces and has high rollability.
  • Bronze sleeve - safe for high temp work, but may have lower rollability than stainless steel.

Be sure to locate ball or tapered bearings. These materials provide the necessary clearance for your high-heat applications.


3. Replaceable Heat-Resistant Lubricants

Mechanical components like bearings and swivels rely on lubrication to reduce friction and maintain maximum movement ranges. The critical point to remember is that many lubricants can melt in hotter applications. Therefore, you canโ€™t regrease all caster types.

If you are looking for high temp casters, you will need to ensure that the grease within wonโ€™t melt out of the caster while itโ€™s in the furnace or other high-heat scenario. Ask our experts about specialized grease that works well for high-temp applications over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


4. Caster Swivel Typesย 

Swiveling casters give you more maneuverability than other, more simple casters. Standard rolling casters are ideal for moving materials in a straight line.

However, this caster style can make moving around objects that may be in your way challenging. It can also be difficult to find a good balance for high temp casters.

Swivels are available in maintenance-free and kingpin styles. Each type offers different benefits and drawbacks, depending on your needs.

Maintenance-free casters are not ideal for high temperatures because the lubricant will melt out. This aspect causes a significant functional decline that you cannot repair.

Kingpin caster swivels can often handle up to 250 degrees. They allow you to regrease the bearings as necessary with appropriately rated lubricants.


5. Continuous and Intermittent Duty Cycle

Each type of caster carries a specific duty cycle capability. This feature refers to the maximum range of functionality at different temperatures. Any caster you purchase will have two ratings that describe the maximum temp the caster can operate in for long and short periods.ย 

The highest temperature will be the intermittent temperature. As a result, you shouldnโ€™t expose that specific caster to that temperature for a long time. You will have to limit exposure to higher temperatures to maintain caster function.ย 

The lower temp is the temperature at which you can use the caster continuously without damaging it.

You should always note the temperature ratings for your casters. Doing so ensures that you wonโ€™t damage your casters.


The Best Casters for High Heat Applications

Industries that rely on high heat to create or treat products must use certain casters. These casters must be able to tolerate repeated exposure to temperatures exceeding 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need specialized casters if you use high heat to sanitize supplies, bake edible goods, or heat-treat powder coatings.

When you need casters to move materials in and out of ovens or foundries, invest in the best type. The wrong caster will malfunction or experience intense damage that no one can repair. The ideal high temp casters will feature:

  • High-strength forged steel wheel and bearing materials
  • Heat-resistant lubricants that you can easily replace
  • Reliable load capacity that matches your needs
  • Impact resistance for heavy-duty loads or pitted floors
  • High-quality swivel action for improved maneuverability

You can depend on Caster Central to find the perfect caster to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Speak with a representative today to locate the best casters and wheels for your business goals at cost-effective prices.


High-Heat Casters from Caster Central

Caster Central provides casters for every application. We offer everything from simple light-duty, two-inch household casters and heavy-duty industrial casters up to 12 inches in size. With our incredible selection, you can find durable, reliable casters for all-temp applications, such as:

  • Medical supplies
    • Supply carts
    • Hospital beds
  • Bakeries
  • High-temp industries
    • Heat-treating
    • Powder-coatings
    • Curing ovens
  • Furniture
  • Trash containers
  • Automotive
    • Tool carts

The Caster Central team is ready to provide the best products and services at affordable price points. It is our mission to offer essential solutions that keep your business at peak performance. You can trust our experts to find the ideal caster or wheel to keep your business moving.

With 150 years of experience in the caster industry, you can count on our qualified team. Ask about our unique line of high-quality, high temp casters by calling Caster Central at (800) 445-4082. Learn the factors to consider when determining the number of casters to meet your needs.