How Rack Casters Can Enhance Your Storage Solutions
Victoria Forney

How Rack Casters Can Enhance Your Storage Solutions

Plenty of businesses need shelving options available, from grocery stores to bookstores. Even office spaces need ample storage areas to fit everything from office supplies to industry-specific items. Mobile shelving with rack casters will make all of your storage needs much easier.

Caster Central is your go-to source for the best caster wheels across several industries. Our products are perfect for industrial storage, especially if you want to enhance your shelving units. Discover how adding rack casters to shelving units can simplify your storage needs, regardless of your industry. This guide explains all the benefits you can enjoy. 

Mobile Shelving Units to Benefit Any Type of Business

Before we dive into the types of rack casters you can deploy to create mobile shelving, let's first go over the types of shelving units businesses near and far can take advantage of. Finding storage solutions doesn't have to be difficult, regardless of what type of products you have in your inventory. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common types of mobile shelving units and how they can benefit you. 

Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving

Say you work in a warehouse that stores plenty of excess products for a business. You'll need to find a shelving unit that can hold large quantities of each product so you can optimize your storage space. Heavy-duty mobile shelving is the ideal solution in this case. 

These units are typically made of durable steel and can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. You'll be able to load plenty of goods onto these shelves without fear that the rack won't support it. When you add caster wheels underneath the rack, transporting all of these items is seamless. You can save both time and manpower transporting large items easily through a heavy-duty mobile shelving unit. 

Wire Mobile Shelving

If you work in the food or beverage industry, it's critical you follow food storage safety tips. A wire shelving unit can help keep your supply of perishable items fresh by minimizing mold and bacteria growth. These shelves promote a steady airflow to products and proper ventilation so products don't face the damaging effects of excess condensation while in storage. 

This style of mobile shelving is most prevalent in the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Food distribution plants
  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • Pharmacies 

Products will remain dry and safer for consumers, whether they're in the market for fresh produce or pharmaceuticals that need to stay in regulated cold rooms for effective results. Adding rack casters will make the unit much easier to transport so all products can reach consumers. 

Shelf Tray Mobile Shelving

When you need to store small items in one place, a shelf tray unit is your best option. These racks have use in all sorts of industries, including catering and carpentry. You can use them to store everything from small tools and machinery to non-perishable food. 

The multi-tier design makes for easy storage and retrieval, especially if you label every shelf accurately. This is an excellent option if you need to transport small items, and the raised edges of each tier will keep everything secure during transport. 

How to Choose the Right Rolling Racks

Now that you know some of the most common types of mobile shelving units, how can you decide which one is best for your business? You need to take a few things into consideration before purchasing any storage product and casters.

Your inventory is perhaps the most important contributor. After all, it doesn't make sense to invest in wire shelving units if you're not dealing with perishable goods. Choose your type of storage unit based on the items you plan to keep on that rack. Consider the size and weight of each item before making a selection. 

The next biggest factor is space. Make sure you have plenty of floor and vertical space to accommodate the rack. Finally, you should select a storage option that works for your inventory management system and budget. 

Common Types of Rack Casters for Shelving

Achieving rack mobility isn't possible without caster wheels. Which ones are ideal for your mobile shelving unit? Let's go over some of the common types of casters and how you can select the right one. 

Plate Casters

Add stability to your shelving unit with plate casters. These wheels are especially helpful if your mobile shelving unit accommodates heavier loads since the metal plate above the wheel provides further support. 

Stem Casters

Putting a set of stem casters on shelving units is simple and offers you greater maneuverability. However, these casters are unable to detach once you place them. 

Threaded Casters

Are you only in need of a part-time mobile storage unit? Threaded casters are removable, making them a great option if you suddenly find you no longer need mobile shelving. These wheels also come with brakes so you can keep the unit secure. 

Selecting Rack Casters That Suit Your Needs

Figuring out which rack is best for your business's storage is only one part of the solution. Attaching the right caster will enhance your storage space and make the unit mobile so you can minimize the manpower it takes to transport items. The following all play a crucial role in finding the right casters for your shelving:

  • Caster design and style
  • Material
  • Diameter

Do you need larger wheels to accommodate a long shelving unit? Should they swivel or remain rigid when you move the rack? Will a certain material damage your floors?

These are all questions you need to ask to find the ideal rack casters for your mobile shelving units. 

Get Mobile Storage Solutions from Caster Central

Whether you're in need of product storage, medical casters, or food processing equipment, you need to ensure safety as well as efficiency. Caster Central provides high-quality rack casters to help you check off both boxes. Our equipment is made of highly durable materials, so you can enjoy long-lasting storage when you need it most. 

Discover our wide selection of products on our website and see which ones are best for your business. Contact our specialists at (800) 445-4082 to learn more.