What Are Caster Pads?
Victoria Forney

What Are Caster Pads?

Various businesses use caster wheels for many materials handling applications, like rolling carts and chairs. Despite the usefulness of casters, they aren't without their problems. However, accessories like caster pads make it easier for businesses to manage their rolling equipment safely while maintaining the integrity and lifespan of their caster wheels

Caster pads are helpful caster wheel accessories and do wonders for managing equipment for materials handling. Caster Central outlines everything you need to know about the pads and their benefits. 

Caster Wheels and Their Purposes

Before learning about caster pads and how your business operations can benefit from them, it's a good idea to get a firm grasp on the uses of caster wheels. A caster is a small wheel attached to the bottom of a larger object to help it move around without a power source. These wheels are everywhere, including shopping carts, large rubbish bins, office chairs, and medical carts. 

Because they have many applications, caster wheels come in various sizes and materials. They create excellent mobility solutions due to their weather resistance, strength, and rust resistance.

The type of caster wheels you use will depend on the equipment, its size, and the terrain where it will travel. For instance, an office chair can use a few small wheels to allow users to shift the chair's position comfortably across carpeting, hardwood flooring, or tiles. However, a large bin for hauling heavy materials will likely need multiple caster wheels with thick rubber to carry the load. 

Top Plate Casters

The most common caster fastener is the top plate variety. You can purchase them for swivel wheels or rigid wheels. Top plate casters have a bolted flat covering over the wheels that allow you to easily attach them to equipment allowing for a flat surface application. 

You can purchase top plate casters for heavy-duty or light-duty materials handling applications. They're also available in many tread widths and diameters to accommodate various uses. 

What Is a Caster Pad?

A caster pad is an accessory you can use with any top plate caster. Also known as quick change pads, this equipment looks like nothing more than a metal plate with raised sides. However, it will let you slide any plate caster that fits into its opening and secure it into place with one axle and nut. 

Instead of permanently attaching the caster directly to your materials handling equipment or furniture, you can solder the caster pad to it and use it as a sturdy and secure attachment for your wheels. The pad is a mounting plate you can weld onto any equipment you want to roll for easy transport.

Advantages of Installing Caster Pads on Rolling Equipment

One of the best reasons to use mounting pads for your casters is the ease of use. Though different caster wheels can carry heavy loads across various terrains, the wheels can break or lose their efficiency over time. Manufacturers design these wheels to handle abuse and meet the transportation and hauling demands of numerous industries, but they will not last forever. 

Eventually, you'll need to change the casters to ensure your equipment can continue moving and shifting with ease. However, it's difficult to remove welded casters from equipment. In many cases, people must either replace their equipment when the casters fail or spend precise time and resources replacing welded caster wheels. 

With caster pads, you can weld the mounting plate to your items and quickly change the wheels whenever necessary. You won't need to unbolt the caster and its plate every time you need to install new accessories. Instead, you can permanently attach the pads once and change your casters freely. 

Using these pads will save you time and money. No longer will you need to purchase mounting hardware for caster replacements or new equipment. Investing in caster pads can save large businesses thousands of dollars in annual maintenance. 

Types of Pads to Use with Top Plate Caster Wheels

If you're interested in using pads for top plate casters, you have two options, and the first is the spring clip type.

A spring clip caster pad allows for a bolted or welded attachment to your equipment. When it's time to change the casters, you can do so quickly and efficiently without using tools. Because of the way the spring clip secures the caster, you won't need tools to switch out a wheel, even if you choose to weld the pad to an item.

The second option is the bolt type. You must weld a bolt-type caster pad to whatever item you want to use with caster wheels. To change casters, you'll need to remove the securing bolt with a wrench, but the process is still quicker than replacing a caster without a pad.

Does Your Equipment Need These Caster Wheel Accessories?

You don't have to use caster pads for your materials handling equipment. However, they'll make it easier to maintain your casters and rolling equipment. Caster pads are also helpful if you need casters for specific applications or purposes, like rolling a cart on different terrains. 

Not all casters are suitable for every environment. For instance, regularly rolling a medical cart on gravel will quickly degrade the casters because those wheels are best in an office or hospital environment.

Yet, some industries and businesses require rolling equipment on multiple surface types. With caster pads, you can quickly swap casters most suitable for the flooring type and application and protect your floors from scratches due to damaged casters. The accessory gives you more versatility and saves on unnecessary labor. 

Get the Best Caster Wheel Solutions from Caster Central

Caster Central is one of the top manufacturers of caster wheels for handling and transportation applications. Our company has over 150 years of experience meeting the needs of businesses seeking mobility solutions that offer exceptional durability and safety. Aside from wheels, we also produce accessories like caster pads and anti-sliding floor grips to maximize the potential and usefulness of our products. 

If you have questions about caster pads or need help learning how to lock a swivel caster, contact Caster Central at (800) 445-4082.